103 Colmore Row

About the project

This prestigious 25 Storey office development occupies a prime site in central Birmingham, on completion the tallest commercial building in Birmingham.

The building replaces the old Nat west tower and was constructed on the same foot print. The new building has been fully developed to meet the most demanding requirements of the latest high specification office space.

The building is equipped with the latest systems for Fire, access control, lighting and Building management systems. Robell Controls Systems Ltd are proud to have been a part of the dedicated team that delivered the project by installing a comprehensive Delta Controls, Enteliweb Building management system.

9 main Motor Control Centre Panels (MCCP’S), 20 Floor riser panels all operate seamlessly with nearly 500 fan coil unit controllers to allow the local building heating, cooling and ventilation controls to be brought together to be accessed from a single central system. This makes access to all parts of the various systems quick and simple. Demand lead control from each half floor area ensures valuable resources are only used when and where they are required.

The system controls the Chiller system and distribution pumps, Heating system and distribution pumps, two domestic hot water systems, main cold-water distribution and 7 Air handling units. Additional capacity is provided for the next stage of development for the Ground floor café, cocktail bar areas and the must visit restaurant to the 24th floor with stunning 360°views over Birmingham.

The on-site Combined heat and power system operates in conjunction with the Birmingham central district heating system to deliver the heating requirements of the building

The BMS also monitors the dedicated smoke and car park extract systems, Stand-by generators, localised CRAC and AC Systems, rain and foul water sump pump systems to ensure the maintenance team have easy access from one central system.

Additionally the BMS collects information from in excess of 200 Electricity, Heat, Gas and Water meters and makes this available from the BMS supervisor in the form of meter readings and consumption values to assist in ensuring the building can be operated to its maximum efficiency.