Alexander Stadium

About the project

The new Alexander Stadium West Stand is currently being commissioned, it is set to be the centre piece for future prestigious and historic events – increasing capacity to around 40,000.

This stand compliments the existing East Stand, which was constructed in 2012.

Robell Control Systems were appointed by King & Moffatt Building Services to design, supply and install the Building Management System (BMS) in the West Stand.

The BMS system integrates with all levels of the West Stand from Track to Concourse. This includes the Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, Hot Water, Cold Water Storage, Metering (EMS), Anti Stagnation and Fire Smoke System to name a few.

There are 3 no. main control panels located in the plant areas, these are also complemented by 5 no. dedicated Air Handling Unit panels.

The BMS is linked to a front end supervisor located in the facilities manager’s office, which provides a graphical engineering toolset for all plant controlled by the BMS, as well as other functions such as alarm handling, time scheduling and data logging.

Extensive recording of Heat, Electricity, Gas and Water meters by the Synapsys SIP+ system stores meter records and allows detailed analysis of meter readings and energy usage as is required to maintain the facility operating in its optimum condition.